Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vlog Analysis

Hey Hey! Here's the vlog that I watched.
It is the introductory Blog for one Sarah Rose, who was a student in this class in 2009. I felt that this video definitely introduced me to her interest in books and teaching, but not much else. The video began with an interesting Intro: her speaking in Sign Language, while the audio is actually her speaking what she is signing (I presume). From this, I infer that she possibly teaches english courses to students who use sign language as their first or even second language. The bulk of Sarah's Vlog is her displaying her favorite books and describing them to the audience. Unfortunately, when she would hold a book, about 1/3 of the book is cut off from the bottom of the shot. The framing of her books was really distracting as I wanted to see an entire view of the book! One point that she brought up which I thought was particularly interesting was the fact that she named her cat from a character in one of her favorite books. I liked this little glimpse into her life and felt that more of this type of information was necessary for it to be a more effective introduction. Another interesting moment was when she displayed the book that she used to write her senior paper. She fanned through all of the pages with all of her sticky notes along with the pages, which I felt was a nice visual that explained the amount of work that she put into her senior paper. Finally, the coda of the vlog involved her holding up her cat with an obnoxious song in the background featuring lyrics regarding cats. This was a little over-dramatic for the type of vlog that it was, however it did indeed show another comical side of Sarah which did add to the introduction of herself. Overall, I felt that this blog was interesting, as it did keep my attention, however, I felt the content was lacking information that would effectively assist in her introductions.

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